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philosophy of the cuisine

The cuisine of the La Mingla Restaurant is creative but linked to tradition; the chef proposes dishes for all palates: omnivorous, vegetarians and vegans. The vegan proposal is specifically for Italian vegans. For example, a plate of only durum wheat spaghetti with garlic, oil and chilli pepper is a great vegan dish which belongs to the Italian culinary culture. The attention to preserving healthiness and nutrients marries the continuous search of pairing and cooking so as to guarantee the fulfilment of the senses. In the kitchen the main ingredient is organic and biodynamic extra virgin olive oil, from the ancient olive groves which overlook splendid Lake Garda.

raw material

  • The Fruit and the Vegetable, rigorously seasonal, come from farms where an organic regime is used with passion and love for the land and its scents and tasty gifts.

  • The Fish, trout, white fish, perch, pike, is exclusively wild and is offered, just like the meat, which comes from organic farms, both in delicate raw tartare and cooked for example vacuum packed at low temperatures.

  • Cheeses, almost all organic, from neighboring dairy farms and micro sheepfolds for goats, can express satisfying flavors in the encounter with blackberry and fig jams, with cedar jams, with syrups in syrup, with vegetable mustard, with homemade walnut ice cream and citrus fruit jelly.

  • Meat from organic farms, when transformed into cured meats, take on that flavor that borders on sweetness as happens in culatello, first refined in Amarone and then in Recioto.

  • The Bread, a vegan type, produced with organic grain flours of ancient grains also declined according to the formula of the "gourmet sandwich" that allows to indulge in an extraordinarily packable "cuddle", both in salty and sweet versions.

  • Wines come from organic and biodynamic crops. Craft beers conceal the taste of earth and tradition. Also interesting, especially for the aperitif, both non-alcoholic and alcoholic cocktails made with local syrups, essences and fruit. You can close the meal with a sweet of the house accompanied by sweet wines or followed by a selection of limoncino, double cedar, arancino, grappa barricades, and bitter and with a good 100% Arabica coffee toasted in a wood boiler.

Periodically the Chef proposes the product "Guest", coming from other territories, to make known to the customer. The food and wine heritage has unexplored borders and through the La Mingla Restaurant, you can enjoy new experiences.


Via dell'Angolo, 4
25084 Gargnano - Lago di Garda (BS) - Italy


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